Duromax XP12000EH Review

Are you facing a constant power outage, or on an off-grid operation? Picture this; you may be working on a particular project to meet deadlines, and the power cuts off!

The frustration can cause you to bang your head against the wall in search of a solution.

The good news is you can find an alternative by using the Duromax XP12000EH generator.

It will stand in the gap when you lack connections from the mains electricity supply. Also, it provides energy power as a secondary source.

Many homes and industries experience power emergencies, and that creates a need for a backup generator. However, knowing the right generator will help you meet your needs efficiently. This article will unveil more details on the Duromax XP12000EH generator, read on!

Duromax XP12000EH Generator

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It is a dual fuel generator that you can use on various occasions, especially when you encounter power emergencies. As if that is not enough, the same generator can provide power while on your camping activities and other occasions.

Interestingly, the Duromax XP 12000EH generator has an impressive 475cc OHV (Over Head Valve) engine. As a result, the engine feeds the panel to produce 12000 watts of power. The capacity is enough to serve your devices whenever you experience an electrical power failure.

Surprisingly, the buyer will enjoy a 3-year residential factory warranty together with a one-year commercial warranty. The arrangement will protect you from any worries since they will handle all the defects throughout the covered period.

Moreover, the client will enjoy the 30-day satisfaction guarantee once you purchase the machine. One thing for sure is you will start using the device immediately; you take it outside the box.

Duromax XP12000EH Specs

Production Information


Weight 240lbs
Noise Level 74 Decibel at ¼ load
Fuel Gasoline and Propane
Tank Capacity(Gasoline) 8.3 gallons
Tank Capacity (Propane) 40 gallons
Running Watts (Propane) 11400
Surge Watts  (Propane) 9040 Watts
Running Watts (Gasoline) 9500 Watts
Surge Watts (Gasoline) 12000 Watts
Runtime (Propane) 7.2 hours
Runtime (Gasoline) 8.83 hours
Engine size 475 cc

Features of Duromax XP12000EH Generator

1.  Hybrid – Dual Fuel

It runs on propane or gasoline fuel. Typically, if you want more power, use gasoline as opposed to the rest. The catch is; gasoline has 600 watts extra surge power and 475 watts additional running power.

On the other hand, you may settle for propane since it proves to be pocket-friendly than gasoline. Next, the engine will remain more energy-efficient since it requires a smaller tank with longer run time.

Still, propane prices are more reasonable than gasoline, and therefore propane will fit the user who wants to reduce running costs. While storing propane, be confident that it will never degrade by losing combustibility in the way gasoline behaves.

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One advantage with dual option is that you can choose to switch to any appropriate fuel as the needs dictate. Above all, you can decide to give them an equal run time. Here, the ball is squarely in your court.

2. Run time

One benefit of running on dual option is you may fuel both tanks and achieve a long run time of 16 hours before refueling. The settings make the generator dependable, especially on long sessions with minimal maintenance.

3. Engine Capacity

The generator operates on a 475cc engine size, running at 3600 rpm and 18 horsepower, including an Over Head Valve (OHV). It has bearings that come from steel, while cylinder sleeves have a cast iron construction.

4.  Noise reduction

The generator machine has an oversized muffler, which reduces the noise. Its noise level is around 74 Decibels, which matches with the amount of power it produces. You can strategically place your generator at a suitable distance to ensure optimal sound in the surrounding.

5. Control Panel

It helps one to monitor oil and fuel levels by the indicator lights where you will check the warning when the oil and fuel run down. The panel has a circuit breaker, which reduces any damage that can result from a short circuit or overload. Usually, the control panel has a voltmeter and power outlets.

6. Engine Protection

The engine will shut off automatically when the oil level exceeds a specific limit. This feature ensures engine protection by preventing any overheating that can lead to further damage.

7. Portable

You can transport this generator from one spot to the next because it has a convenient transportation kit. The presence of rubber wheels and handles will improve the portability. (See 15 portable generators here)

8. Output

The engine has a maxim output of 12000 watts surge power, while the rated output is 9500 watts of running power.

9.  Compact Storage

The generator tank is sizable enough to accommodate 8.3 gallons of fuel. A full tank can have a runtime of 8 hours and, therefore, convenient for continuous sessions.

10. Electric/ Recoil starter

The product has an electric starter to simplify its starting process. Alternatively, you can use a recoil starter if the battery fails to work

11. Spark Arresting Muffler

The muffler will prevent the sparks against any fire danger. Since the generator has an EPA certification, you can use it anywhere in all US National parks.

12. Durable

The materials used to build the generator comes from high-quality materials to resist any harsh conditions. The materials are durable to ensure that the entire machine serves you for a long duration without any regular breakdowns.

13. Safe storage

There is a completely sealed cylinder to store propane gas and ensures no leakage. It gets better when it does not allow fumes out of the container to cause any ignition. Also, there will be no unpleasant odor that comes with fumes.

How to Use the Duromax XP12000EH Generator

The generator has uncomplicated features making it simple to use. Firstly, since the machine includes an electric starter, you will only need to turn on the start key. The design is user-friendly, but you can still use a recoil starter in case the battery fails.

Most importantly, you can move the generator by accessing the handles and push it to your desired location. Indeed, the machine consists of solid-fill tires that will never run flat to move on all types of terrains comfortably.

Meanwhile, there is a user panel that consists of straight forward functions to simplify your operations. Similarly, it has two standard 120V plug outlets resembling the ones you use in your homes.

Beyond that, you can take advantage of the 120V/240V outlet, which is high current. You can connect it through a transfer switch to the power distribution panel. This power is adequate to serve your work site or the home.

A voltmeter contributes to its uniqueness. It offers an option of monitoring the voltage and prevents any damages to your appliances in case of an over/ under voltage. There is a 12V option to help you in charging your batteries.

Is Duromax XP 12000EH Generator Efficient?

The generator is reliable and efficient in providing a backup while facing a power outage. Its capacity of 12000 Watts will sufficiently serve your home whenever you meet a power failure from the mains supply.

Still, this hybrid generator can run for a long duration that can range up to 16 hours while utilizing propane. It is the longest operation time that comes with minimal maintenance. The excellent news is that it has no gasoline emission.

Moreover, the generator will offer you the most extended service due to its durability. There is a versatile hybrid engine that is ever superior when compared to other gas-powered generators.

Noise Levels

Its stunning safety features like low noise, make it outstanding in reducing sound pollution. While considering its size, the type of the noise level it produces is tolerable. Notably, many generators with similar capacity will provide a high level of noise while running.

The machine has a noise-free exhaust, which produces an approximate of 74 Decibels. There is a noise-reducing muffler to ensure minimum noise. The presence of a spark arrestor will prevent any fire hazard.

Lastly, the spark arrestor meets the standards of EPA, therefore safe. For the regular campers, this generator is ideal for you. It can supply adequate power to your job site.

Routine Maintenance

The machine offers a simple option to maintain it and move on smoothly with your operation. For instance, you can change the oil for at least once per month.

Also, its container is airtight; therefore, it cannot emit fumes. Your atmosphere will remain refreshed since there will be an absence of unpleasant smells. Do you know that regular gas storage containers produce an irritating scent?

When you put the DuroMax XP12000EH to use, you experience less pollution. Furthermore, there is a reduced black and oily smudges that will require regular cleaning. The throttle automatically controls the fuel efficiency per the required unit.

DuroMax XP12000EH Vs. High Capacity Portable Generators

Well, you may realize extreme differences with other generators, manufactured to produce 12000-watt capacity. These comparable models that feature a dual fuel option are Pulsar G12KBN (12000 watts) and Ford FG11050PBE (11,000 watts) and some Firman gensets.

Surprisingly, the two featured examples from competitor’s generators are more energy efficient. The two can use gasoline fuels that can accommodate 8 gallons. For instance, while on a half load, Pulsar can run up to 12 hours. Ford will go up to 10 hours.

Similarly, all the models consist of an electric starter to simplify the start-up. In addition to that, all models have a recoil starter to offer an alternative start-up should the battery fail to operate smoothly. Still, all the models are heavy-duty, but Duromax is outstanding because it has the sturdiest frame and wheels.

Next, another notable difference is that Pulsar and Ford have varying outlet combination, unlike the Duromax. Remarkably, the two competitors have four 20 amp 120V outlets, 50 amp heavy-duty outlet, and a single 30amp twist lock.

Above all, Pulsar proves to be the closest competitor by selling its product at $1000 below the standard price. The offer might attract buyers who may be running on tight budgets. Also, Pulsar does not dominate the market like Duromax.

Benefits of Using Duromax XP 12000EH Generator

  • The dual-fuel makes the generator outstanding. The user will enjoy an extended runtime with an option to switch to another fuel. The hybrid option will reduce running costs; therefore, it is pocket-friendly.
  • The generator is durable as it has a sturdy design with top-quality materials. Still, the material used to construct the entire generator is heavy-duty steel and wheels. It is a suitable option to consider when working on a construction site.
  • Despite the size of the generator, it can produce a noise level of 74 Decibels. This noise level may not be quiet, but there are other models in smaller sizes that produce more noise than 74 decibels.

Limitations of Duromax XP 12000EH Generator

  • The company offers a 3-year warranty to cover any problems that may arise during the same period. However, the user must take care of how a defect will occur within the covered time.
  • The generator is heavy, with a weight of about 250 lbs. The scary aspect that affects the users is that the machine produces a popping sound. It creates a feeling that something is likely to blow. Fret not!
  • Propane fuel diminishes at 40 degrees. The cylinder will always have start-up challenges when propelling propane to work. Alternatively, the operator has to use gasoline in the initial minutes before one switches to propane.
  • Some reviews raised an alert on rough handling and reduced packaging. Of course, when one buys an expensive item, the expectations are always high in terms of shipping safety and proper care.

On Duromax XP12000EH Review

When frequent power downtime happens or perhaps your locality lacks a regular power connection, then a generator is an option. In this case, the Duromax generator can stand in the gap to give you an alternative power.

Since it is a dual fuel generator, it will give you a longer runtime to serve your needs for a considerable period. Also, its heavy-duty design will provide a more extended service, therefore worth your cent.

Overall, the Duromax generator offers an outstanding service to its users. You can’t afford to stay in regular blackouts anymore.

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